¡Hola, amiga!

Lujo Luxe Beauties! Let's talk about how we make sure your fabulous fashion finds get to you in style.

Shipping Destinations:

Right now, we're spreading the love exclusively within the United States. Because hey, we're all about making sure our stateside squad stays looking fierce!

When We Ship:

We're on the fashion grind Monday through Friday, hustling hard to get your orders out the door. Just a heads up, though: weekends and holidays are our time to recharge, so no shipping happens then, unless you ask us to process your order overnight shipping.

Shipping Details:

When you're checking out, you'll see the information on shipping charges and when to expect your package right there in your shopping bag and order confirmation email. We aim to get your goodies packed up and on their way pronto, usually within 1-3 business days after your order gets the green light. And hey, you've got options – choose between USPS and UPS to suit your shipping style.

Address Accuracy:

We're all about smooth sailing, so please double-check that shipping address before you hit that order button. If you notice a slip-up, shoot us a message at info@LujoLuxeBoutique.com ASAP. We've got a 24-hour window to fix any address oopsies before your package ships out to the address on file.

Shipping Speed Bumps:

Priority Shipping is the name of the game, but sometimes delays happen that are out of our control. If your package seems to be playing hide and seek with the postal service, don't fret – give it an extra 3-5 business days to show up. And if it's still MIA, it's time to ring up USPS or UPS with your tracking number handy.

Number to call

  • USPS - 1(800) 275-8777
  • UPS -   1(800) 742-5877

Just a heads-up, if your package goes missing in transit, you'll need to work directly with USPS or UPS to resolve it. Unfortunately, we can't replace lost packages. It's a rare occurrence, but it’s one of those things that can happen with online orders. Thanks for understanding!

If you would like to request a SIGNATURE REQUIREMENT to your package for additional shipping protection. Please include it in the notes of your order and we will invoice you the small fee so you can ensure your package gets delivered safely.

Stay fabulous,

Lujo Luxe Boutique Squad